At the old distillery, on Pappy's office door, hung a ring of heavy, brass keys. They symbolized the old Southern traditions of warmth, hospitality, and enjoyment of the finer things in life. The keys on the Pappy & Company logo, and also etched on these elegant crystal glasses for bourbon, wine, and cocktails.

This four-glass set is a part of the Weinland Collection by Stölzle, a famous designer and producer of high-quality, brilliant, and durable glassware for more than 200 years. These whiskey glasses feature a natural design and gentle accents that serve as both excellent rock glasses and wine glasses. Their sheer-rimmed shape also is made to enhance the flavors of any variety of whiskeys or wines, especially white wines.



Each rocks glass has a 6.75-oz. capacity.

Measures 2.5" in diameter and 3.25" in height

Proudly crafted with 100% lead-free crystal

Pappy Key-etched Crystal Rock Glasses